Alright, so you've been surfing the web waves, digging for more information about detoxification and healthy living, and you've probably stumbled across information about the "paleo" diet, "clean" diet, or "raw vegan" diet, etc... along with some images of radical body transformations others have posted, testimonials of profound healing, and plenty of superfood products and sprout thumping zealots... and you're not sure you can commit to being a "raw foodist," or would even want to. You might even be thinking: 

Throw away my toaster? Eat raw meat? No more mac & cheese? Are these hippies CRAZY?!?! 

Before you discard your curiosity, know this: 

You don't have to be a health food fanatic to experience the benefits of including MORE fresh food in your diet. In fact, many of these "diets" simply explore ancestral ways of eating. Taken along with recommendations from the world's medical and dietary leaders, one thing that everyone seems to agree on becomes clear: an increase in the consumption of fresh, raw foodstuffs -- especially green leafies -- benefits just about everybody.

No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry, is a seasonal, fresh food inspired comic book recipe guide designed to fuse foundational, science-based nutrition concepts with a non-dogmatic seven-day culinary exploration of exciting, practical, and bowl-licking-good meals... that are mostly raw, mostly paleo, and made 100% from scratch with whole food ingredients and superfoods.

Integrating more fresh, enzymatically active food into your diet can be as simple as a great morning smoothie and knowing how to make some incredibly nutritious sauces that you salivate at the thought of pouring over everything. ANYTHING. Even a giant bowl of kale.

Remember, at the end of the day radiant health comes down to a balanced diet, exercise in nature, and good sleep.  So practice some self-love & GET INSPIRED about feeding every cell in your body nutrient rich food!

You just might sweeten up your life :)

 Cucumber Watercress Sandwich with Presto Pesto Dressing from  No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry, Issue One: Fall

Cucumber Watercress Sandwich with Presto Pesto Dressing from No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry, Issue One: Fall