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Book Signing, Sweets and Snacks!


We're at it again! Come on out to meet The Ashram's Chef Suzie Bohannon, director Catharina Hedberg and the book producer Price Arana -- the team behind The Ashram's new cookbook, "The Way We Eat," featuring over a hundred delicious recipes from the world renown Ashram Retreat in Calabasas.  Sample some delicious nibbles from the book and get your copy autographed!


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Book Signing, Smoothies & Treats
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Book Signing, Smoothies & Treats

Presenting delectable vegetarian recipes from LA's renowned Wellness Retreat, The Ashram Cookbook: The Way We Eat features beautiful photographs of the colorful and healthful dishes alongside inspiring scenic views of the retreat property, creating a vibrant celebration of nature, community, and vitality. 

From breakfast bowls to hearty vegetable dishes, satisfying snacks and sweets, and energizing smoothies and tonics, this volume contains more than 100 recipes from the renowned California wellness retreat, with explanations of the health benefits of various ingredients and preparation methods. Packed with beautiful imagery, delicious recipes, and valuable nutritional knowledge, THE ASHRAM COOKBOOK: The Way We Eat is a feast for body and spirit.

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