When I was a little girl we planted three cherry trees in our backyard. As I grew the trees grew with me, and by the time I was 8 years old they were hanging over the fence dripping with fruit. Strangers would knock on our door and ask to pick the cherries, and we would send them home with buckets filled to the brim. We lived with such an abundance that it was a relief to give them away. I spent summer after summer in those low lying branches, dappled in sunlight while I filled my belly with perfect cherries. These carefree memories exist in polar contrast to my life as a single mother to a little boy with special needs, so I have much to savor in them. 

My relationship with these trees of my childhood is holographic of the primal symbiosis that exists between trees and humans. I find cherries to be emblematic of both moderation and perfection. Sure, plenty of things are sweeter than a ripe cherry, but nothing needs to be. A ripe juicy cherry always beats a candy bar in terms of its healthy anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and when enjoyed as a fleeting seasonal experience you don't have to worry about eating too many of them.

These nostalgic sentiments informed the title of my mashup comic/recipe book "No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry," as well as the inspiration, values, and remembrance explored here on this site. Over this fence I offer you the sweet fruits of my experiences to pick and enjoy.

Welcome to my summer afternoon :)



Share in the magic of our experiment in behavior management, speech therapy, and music! Learn along with Mylo as he gets pumped to wash his hands, vacuum the house, listen to the blender, or just jam out!



Green smoothies, nut mylks, cheezes, bone broths, egg dishes, dressings, sauces, tonics, and kid friendly fare. Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto or diabetes friendly? I'm non-dogmatic and my approach is "fresh food centric."

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Expand your understanding of nutrition and the digestive system with these quick tasty video soundbytes! Fats, sugar, gut ecology, liver function, adaptogens, enzymes and super nutrition in a nutshell!


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I am not a physicist. I am not a speech therapist or a behavior interventionist. I am not a licensed nurse. I am not a Human Design Analyst. I am not a certified nutritionist, nor am I claiming any qualifications to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. The information shared herein does not and should not constitute medical advice. My credentials are those of a professional storyteller. I am an artist, a self-taught chef, a nutritional enthusiast, a mother to a child with special needs, a seeker, a dreamer, a student, a friend.

I am not one thing but many things, so it is many things I have to share.

This site IS for entertainment, growth and reflection. This site is born of a desire to share the kaleidoscope of my life with you and provide perspective and resources like a friend. To be, if I can, a compass in the woods to the lost. This site IS an invitation to the inner: come into my world and let it be a reflection into yourself. Let the experiences, knowledge, and opinions shared herein be a jumping off point. Are you seeking something? You are welcome to look here. I hope you find what you are searching for. This site IS a living art installation of my life, an experiment in connection, a portal into my own personal maelstrom of existence.