A five year journey comes to an end... another begins!

It's late as usual and I here at my desk plugging away on the website, getting everything ready. Filling in the blanks, the details, gathering the mailing list so I can finally make the announcement. Getting ready for all of you, and more than anything, getting ready for the 10,000 copies of No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry, Issue One: Fall. It arrives tomorrow on 4 pallets, driven across the country from Burlington where it was printed by the good people of Quad/Graphics.

I'm feeling all kinds of things right now. Relief. Disbelief. Exuberance.  Paranoia over possible typos. The truck is set to arrive sometime after 8am, and I am settling into the idea that I will soon be living with over 100 boxes of my very own comic book, published after many trials, a helluvalotta hard work, numerous mistakes and set backs, epiphanies, and more than anything -- the unwavering support of my very good friend, Waska Lamb.

 Ripest Cherry birthplace: The Rose Cafe, Venice, CA

Ripest Cherry birthplace: The Rose Cafe, Venice, CA

I remember the early summer day in 2008 when Waska and I met at the Rose Cafe in Venice to discuss the project. We sat down over lunch from the deli case, and he told me he wanted to help me create my recipe book. Having just graduated from film school at UCLA, I was hard pressed to find a job; so Waska graciously invented a side job for me -- writing my recipe book. He told me it needed to be a one week guide for one person, sort of like The Single Vegan, and hoped we could have it done in time to give to our guests at Chrysalis Retreats that fall. I'm not sure if I told him right then that it also needed to be a comic book -- but he found out soon enough.

If Waska was surprised by my insistence over it being a comic book (with a strange title) he never showed it, but I will admit that I was totally surprised when after four years of silence, Waska finally jumped in last year with a whole bevy of creative notes and story boards for how to improve the opening comic sequence -- all of which were excellent and fully cemented the concept. 

So here I am, in the wee hours of what used to be my Friday night, writing to you with a cat draped across my desk, his furry toes stroking my keyboard, and feeling so damn grateful. Grateful for the completion of Issue One, the accomplishment of getting published, and for a now immiment moment I've been imagining for years...

Slicing open a cardboard box and finding it filled with the books. MY BOOKS. My little brain babies that are going to march out into the world and end up in grocery carts, on kitchen tables, bookshelves around the world. 

Oh yes, sweet tears will roll... but not for long. 

This is Issue One , which means I've got no time to bask in the revelry if there's gonna be an Issue Two, Three & Four. We've got some exciting stuff planned for our forthcoming issues, so stay tuned!