Waska Leaves for Mallorca, Spain

Every year around this time, Waska leaves for Mallorca, Spain to run The Ashram's satellite retreat program for the summer months, and he always comes back with a great looking tan which I'll freely admit to being a totally jealous of. It's no secret that I've become a nocturnal creature in recent years in order to complete the book, and given these evening exploits I am left with few opportunities for afternoon sunbathing. Often my afternoons are spent trying to steal a nap with Mylo or simply laying in a sort of improvised savasana recouping energy while he piles toys on my prone body. But where I am the vampire, Waska is the day walker, in a very literal sense.

 Suzie, as rendered by Kris Jaques in the form of "Bunnicula."

Suzie, as rendered by Kris Jaques in the form of "Bunnicula."

Waska, just another day at the office.

When he's not living the vida loca with his lovely wife Jessica and his two kids, or scheming up recipe books with me, Waska leads hikes, maps out trails, and navigates the wilderness around the world in quest of peak physical experiences and perfect vistas. And just in case you're wondering the answer is YES, Waska IS gonna do some  blogging here about his experiences with sports nutrition soon. Admirably, Waska even ran the LA marathon this year and says he learned a lot, both during the run and in his barefoot training leading up to it.

 Waska and our good buddy J.J. with their medals!

Waska and our good buddy J.J. with their medals!

But I digress... 

Waska got on the airplane tonight for Spain, and as I write this he is the air, flying over the Atlantic ocean! Though Waska has made this annual trip many times, this year feels different. Special. He's got 3 cases of No Sweeter Than The Ripest Cherry tucked into his luggage to give as presents to his Mallorca guests. This is absolutely thrilling for a number of reasons; but mostly because it almost didn't happen.

Printing a major run of books on time is a bit like hitting a moving bullet. There's all kinds of variables like "print que"  and "shipping," different authorizations, soft proof approvals, plate finalizations and wire transfers that all have to happen ON TARGET for things to stay on schedule. A delay of a single day over any one of these matters can throw everything off and push things back, sometimes by weeks! If this doesn't sound harrowing enough, add in my cell phone's untimely demise (completely elevating all correspondences to a level of comedy) and Waska's original flight on April 23rd being pushed up to today, April 22nd -- and our window of opportunity shrank to a cell block skylight. Heck, at many points it felt like sheer will power alone was aligning the flow of the universe to bring the books to us. The belief that it could all finally come together propelled us through a great many of these hoops in the last few months, and all the while we've kept our eye on the prize of having the books in time for Waska to pack them in his suitcase, and board the plane. Fortunately our STELLAR PRINTER Quad/Graphics worked with us every step of the way, and miraculously, the delivery came through as planned. So the books are headed overseas! I can't help but imagine them like cherry little pilgrims, off to plant seeds and spread their roots into the European consciousness.

Sure, there's the magic gloss of the internet making the world a smaller place, seamlessly connecting it all together... but then there's the reality of actually feeling your own words, your own message seep out into the world and the potential of what that could mean for other people, and this is something of my personal experience as a freshly minted "published writer" that I'm hoping to impart here. Oh the sweet magic of perfect strangers discovering the book for the first time, flipping through the pages and feeling that spark of possibility I so hope to convey. That opening for reconnection to the body, the earth, the cosmos.

The best part of all of this, is that this makes me feel like I'm part of the world! That I'm connected to all of you, engaged in a dialogue that now reaches across the pond all the way to Mallorca. 

Well, as soon as Waska's plane lands, that is...

...and providing none of his luggage get's lost along the way :) 

Finger's crossed. Travel with light, good buddy.