Every week for the last 9 years…


I walk through the front door of The Ashram with a load of books, ingredients, and teaching aids. I say my hellos, and set up camp at the head of the Ashram’s long wooden dining table.

The class is private, exclusive to the guests of The Ashram.

Every week we make a recipe of my own invention, which always seeks to incorporate a variety of trending superfoods, adaptogens, and/or supplements. During the recipe demonstration, I impart nutritious morsels of information gleaned over the last 20-something years working in the field of fitness retreats and holistic, detox nutrition.

Always I perform impersonations of enzymes, bodily processes, cells, organs, and what not — to comical effect (or so I hope). I hope these impersonations will be memorable, like a mnemonic device, to help cement understanding into the minds of whoever is watching me. Much to my own surprise, I am always excited to talk about the digestive process. I find it fascinating. This keeps everyone awake… as do my wardrobe choices.

Sometimes the conversation veers into spiritual, mystical realms… Sometimes I talk about my son, Mylo.

But usually we stick to food and healing. Inevitably the class evolves into a question and answer session, once people realize that I am intuitive and full of answers for the curious.

I am not a certified nutritionist. I am not here to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. I am here for your entertainment as a chef first and foremost, and as a passionate nutritional enthusiast…
— Me

I pass out superfoods and adaptogens to taste and smell. Then when the recipe is done, we all eat a little bit of it. Sometimes the guests who have gone to bed come back for a bite of whatever I’ve made.

Smoothies, sorbet, cheezes, sprouted mylks, herbal tea lattes, sea weed salads, dips & dressings, medicinal tonics, and more... Many of the recipes in The Ashram’s Cookbook “The Way We Eat: Recipes for Healthy Living” were developed over the years in this class.

The guests filter off to bed, but sometimes they stay to chat with me while I clean up the kitchen. They express dismay about me having to wash the dishes by myself. I tell them washing dishes is my meditation. I’m not sure if they believe me, but it’s true.

I savor the ritual of transforming a dirty kitchen into a clean one.

I turn off the lights, and lock the gate on my way down the hill. I leave feeling elated and energized by our discourse. I leave feeling like I may have inspired someone… empowered them to be capable of making changes within themselves for the better.

I leave feeling satisfied for having participated in a decades long tradition of creating a sanctuary for healing, nourishment, positive vibes, and connection for people from all over the world.