A Few Simple Tips?

Hi Suzie,

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last week at the Ashram. And the sorbet was deelish.

I wonder if you could give me a few simple tips.

I am basically healthy and eat an ok diet. As an O+, I do have meat more than once a week. However, I do have one vice: I drink oceans of wine and have little desire to give it up. At least the sugar is fructose.

As a senior citizen who just hit 74, I do have some plaque buildup in my arteries and do want to do everything I can to support my liver, particularly since I do take a statin. I do take Co Q 10 and an herbal liver support pill from a company called Himalaya.

For years, I faithfully took my Billy's every morning, but have slipped off. 

I would appreciate any advice - nothing too exotic please. I will start the bee pollen.

Thanks so much,

Bob L. - the guy who sat next to you at the table on your left.

Hi Bob!

So nice to hear from you :)

I'm not sure if we talked about the "Dry Farm Wine" company during the class, but that would be a good place to start with regards to the vino portion of your diet ;) These wines are sugar-free and low alcohol. Blood type O should avoid white wine, but red wine is considered neutral.


As arterial plaque is often a symptom of inflammation. Sugar (whether from sweets or starchy foods), rancid fats, stress, Omega-6's, and food allergies can drive inflammation -- so exercising, as well as reducing sugar and other possible inflammatories will be a big help for both your liver and your arteries, and result in a lower cholesterol response. As you embark on this sort of journey, it would be a good idea to have your doctor test your inflammation, to give you a better sense of how your inflammation may be driving your triglycerides as well as chart your progress.


I would also look at inflammatory foods to avoid for Blood type O. There are a lot of O-avoid lists out there, but there's also some outdated info on them. Spirulina, broccoli, and sprouted essene bread are actually benefical for O, according to the latest research. You can find some good O resources here at Dr. D'adamos website. There's even an App!


However, keep in mind that that just because a wide range of meats are not inflammatory to type O, it doesn't mean that you should eat A LOT of meat. Try to keep your meat consumption to around 30% of your diet. Too much protein can create trouble for your liver:


Speaking of animal proteins, it's important to choose certified humane pasture raised or "grass-fed" animal products for meat, eggs and dairy. Conventionally and organically raised meats rely on grain to feed their animals and this means the animal products come with too many inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids in them, as well as antibiotics that can harm your microbiome and set the stage for other problems.

Resuming Billy's Greens is a great idea! Billy's Infinity Greens has nettles in it which provides liver support, as well as some other benficial adaptogens to combat stress and reduce inflammation. I would also recommend dandelion greens as well as Schizandra -- which will support your liver TREMEDOUSLY and boost your overall health. I like Lucidera -- their berries are picked ripe and full potency!


Hope that helps!